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The Universal Adapter To Integrate Work Tools

Use our standardized Work API to easily connect work tools to your use case

Connecting work integrations to your use case

Without the Work API

Lots of different work tools, each requiring their own logic for integration
Gaps / differences in the functionalities offered by the tool providers' APIs
Painstaking process to connect two tools (handle data formats, paradigms, errors, idiosyncracies unique to each platform)
Tool providers change integrations over time, requiring re-builds of your solution
You do not know before building the integrations if it's worth the cost

= Disproportionate resource requirements

With the Work API

One consistent SDK covering all work media forms and integrations
We filled the gaps and aligned the differences in the functionalities offered
All tools are interconnected already, enabling cross-tool functionalities (e.g. save email attachments)
Our API remains persistent, no need for re-builds!
No risk involved: The costs scale 100% with usage. First 50,000 requests free every month!

= Saving time, money, and frustration

We stay out of your users' content

All content remains hosted by the tool provider - our API acts as a 'pipe'

You only pay for the number of requests you send to our API

The costs scale fully with your application

Everything comes pre-connected to each other

For example attach a Google Drive file to an Outlook Email in one request

Full connectivity

Import functionality from work tools required in your use case, e.g.

Full email functionality (including folders, labels, etc.) In-app scheduling functionality File management requirements Holistic contact availability

Real productivity

Connect existing work tools to each other to improve processes

Consolidate content from different tools & increase transparency Streamline or automate work proccesses Build efficient, integrated work interfaces Provide access limited to relevant functionality/content only Ensure consistent processes and a consistent interface across tools & media forms

First 50,000 requests are free every month