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API Pricing

100% scalable pricing for Software Developers ("pay-as-you-go")
You only pay for the exact number of API requests that your application has sent to us
The first 50,000 requests per month are free
The more requests, the cheaper it gets per request
Number of requests
(per month)
Price per 1000 requests
1st to 50,000th
50,000th to 1,000,000th
1,000,000th to 4,000,000th
4,000,000th to 15,000,000th

Example cost breakdown:

If your applications make 60,000 requests in a month
The first 50,000 requests cost €0
The 50,001st to 60,000th request cost €0.90 per thousand
The total cost for that month: €9.00

Pricing for larger number of requests and custom solutions

Please contact us to discuss pricing and hosting options

First 50,000 requests are free every month