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Product Intro

REST-ful API, JSON, as a single point of entry for common work-related applications
Consolidating all formats regularly used for work: e.g. Email, File Sharing, Calendar, Contacts...
Abstracting the popular integrations from different providers, e.g. all Google Suite, Outlook 365, Dropbox
Push notifications
Unified API logic: additional media forms and integrations easily added
High performance, enabling swift work processes


"Single Point of Contact": Centralised resource for work integrations
"Integration Management": Access to (and maintenance of) the cloud applications taken care of


"Universal Adapter" for work applications
Connections between integrations are built in, enabling novel functionalities


One API logic for all relevant media formats and integrations
Increasing speed of development dramatically

Functionality through inter-connected tools

Simplified, unified and consistent work processes
Holistic search results across all sources
Consolidation within a media form, for example the central availability of contacts from different sources, or the integrated display of events from the different calendars
Connection of functionalities, for example attaching a file from Dropbox to an email from Outlook in a single step, or moving a file from Google Drive to One Drive

Security and Data Privacy

We stay out of your users' content

No hosting of personal work content through Work-API Work-API only holds the user's data and preferences for the Work-API account, as well as the credentials for the underlying APIs

We take security seriously

Isolation of services, token storing only, no server-side caching No plain text communication whatsoever: everything is encrypted

We even let you host our application

Integrates with the client's preferred software, infrastructure and hosting solutions

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